Roetek was established in 2002 to bring quality engineering staffing and qualified products to Aerospace and Industrial clients. Roetek was founded by Shirley Roe and is a Minority Owned, Native American company.

Shirley has worked in Engineering and Human Resources departments and knows how to bring known good engineers and products to Aerospace and Industrial companies.


Roetek has a wealth of knowlege about pre-screening contract engineers and support staff. Our mark-up margin is as low as possible and known to the consultant or staff so the client will have satisfied workers. We know what Companies want and expect from Contract Engineers and we want to help the engineers that we know personally find good jobs in the industries that they have worked in, gained important experience in, and are proud to work in.

The co-founder of Roetek, Tom Roe is an Electrical Engineer with over 20 years of aerospace and industrial electronic circuit development experience. Tom has a masters degree in Electrical Engineering and has a professional engineering license. There are many engineers and technical staff out in the market some much better than others; Tom and other engineers at Roetek pre-screen applicants and can find the right individual for a job. Many of the staff we supply are known good workers that Tom and other Roetek staff have worked with in the past.

We are a small company with a purpose; we bring experienced, reliable engineers who have references from their colleagues to the client.

America DOES have good engineers, we just have to connect the engineers to the companies who need them.

All staff is insured with workers compensation and business liabilty insurance.

Product Delivery:

Roetek delivers pre-qualified products to customers. We garauntee a products quality so that when a customer recieves a product there will be no mistakes or quality issues. We do pre-testing where required to a customers specification. No time will be lost by the customer due to poor quality or low quality sources. All parts are purchased from manufacturer approved vendors.

Many customers come to Roetek with obsolecense problems on electronic and mechanical systems. Roetek quickly finds reliable equivelent or better replacements and gets the product back to market.

Roetek supplies quality contract manufacturing. Having been in the business for many years we know the best fabrication and assembly houses in America. We screen every product that comes to us before going out to the customer. All fabrication and assembly companies are ISO 9000 certified facilities and our staff is educated in ISO 9000 practices.