Previous Developed Products that are Succesfully on the Market
High Speed PCIe Gen 2 and SATA Gen 3 Storage Modules with Ansys/Ansoft HFSS Analysis

TI DSP Based Embedded Controllers with Sequenced High Effeciency Pow-er

PowerPC Based Single Board Computers for C130 and 787 Aircraft Control

PCIe Gen 1 VPS Backplane/Daughter Board Development with Hyperlynx/HSPICE Analysis

Intel Based Controllers for Medical Instrumentation

Xilinx FPGA VHDL DMA Controller and Glue LogicXilinx Virtex 4 High Speed Serdes Test Modules

Altera based FPGA FSK and FM Modulation/Demodulation

PowerPC Driver level C assembly for C130 flight management computer

Hand Held TI MSP430 ControllerHand Held PowerPC Based Dental Color Matching Camera with VHDL for Xilinx Spartan FPGA